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The Application of Thick Sheet Blister Tray
Thick sheet vacuum formed tray is a tray made of high-strength plastic material through a vacuum forming process. It is widely used in the fields of logistics, packaging, and transportation, with the following main application aspects: Logistics and warehousing: Thick sheet blister pallets can be used for the transportation and storage of goods in the logistics and warehousing industry. They have great load-bearing capacity and impact resistance, and can safely handle and store various goods, such as electronic products, mechanical parts, food and beverages, etc. In addition, pallets can be stacked against each other to save storage space. Food and pharmaceutical industry: Thick sheet blister trays are widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industry. They meet hygiene standards and can safely transport and store food and drugs, maintaining the integrity and hygiene of the product. At the same time, the flat surface and customizable design of the tray also facilitate cleaning and disinfection. Electronics and electrical industry: Thick sheet blister pallets are used in the transportation and protection of electronic products in the electronics and electrical industry. They have excellent anti-static and shockproof properties, which can protect electronic products from external impacts and static electricity. In addition, the dividing slots on the tray can also facilitate the installation and positioning of electronic components. Automotive parts: Thick sheet blister pallets play an important role in the automotive manufacturing and automotive parts industry. They can be used for transportation and storage of various automotive components, such as engine parts, lights, instrument panels, etc. The tray design can be customized according to different component sizes and shapes to ensure the safety and integrity of the components. Other industry applications: In addition, thick sheet blister pallets are also widely used in other industries, such as chemical, textile, furniture, etc. They can meet the special needs of different industries, providing suitable materials, structures, and sizes to improve logistics efficiency and product protection. In summary, thick sheet blister pallets are widely used in the fields of logistics, packaging, and transportation. They achieve safe, efficient, and reliable cargo transportation and storage by providing strong load-bearing capacity, impact resistance, and customizable design.
Some common sense of intelligent biodegradable toilet
Shenzhen intelligent biodegradable toilet manufacturers believe that people widely use traditional plastic products, resulting in a large number of plastic waste, which is difficult to degrade in the natural environment, causing serious environmental pollution. Biodegradable plastics, as a substitute for traditional plastics, have been gradually used in textile, packaging, agricultural materials and other fields due to their excellent biodegradability, good processing performance, safety and other advantages. However, compared with traditional plastics, the research on the application field, product performance and degradation of biodegradable plastics is not perfect. Shenzhen intelligent biodegradable toilet manufacturers believe that the degradation technology of biodegradable plastics is mainly the biodegradation of different biodegradable plastics in compost, soil, water and other environments, and look forward to the research and development direction of microbial degradation related to biodegradable plastics. Shenzhen intelligent biodegradable toilet manufacturers believe that with the rapid economic and social development and the gradual improvement of people's living standards, the use of plastic can be used as a standard to evaluate the industrialization level and living standard of a country or region. At the same time, with the continuous progress of science and technology, the application scope of plastics is more and more extensive, and the impact on people's daily life and work can not be ignored. Shenzhen intelligent biodegradable toilet manufacturers believe that due to the aging of plastics, more and more wastes have been produced in the era of continuous updating of materials, including packaging materials, agricultural materials, medical materials, etc. The majority. However, most of these wastes have good corrosion resistance and are not easy to decompose in the natural environment, causing serious environmental pollution. Shenzhen intelligent biodegradable toilet manufacturers believe that, traditionally, plastic waste is usually disposed by landfill. The leachate and greenhouse gas produced by this method will not only pollute the soil, but also aggravate the greenhouse effect. Biodegradable plastics have the possibility of biodegradation under different environmental conditions (such as composting, soil and aquatic systems), among which composting and soil degradation are widely used due to their microbial diversity. Composting technology is an effective way to recycle organic wastes and treat organic solid wastes. It is a biochemical process in which bacteria, fungi and actinomycetes act on biodegradable plastics and transform them into humus. This technology can directly reflect the degradation of plastics under natural conditions, and has gradually become the main method to evaluate the biodegradability of plastics. Compost, as a microbial community, can degrade different biodegradable materials, which has been widely studied in recent years. Shenzhen intelligent biodegradable toilet manufacturers believe that the degradation effect of biodegradable materials is usually expressed by their weight loss rate. The biodegradable materials were added to the pure bioplastics to prepare the blended bioplastics and improve the biodegradability of the bioplastics under composting conditions.

Printing& Silk Screen


Painting :In five steps or less, quickly update plastic surfaces to better reflect your personal style:
Clean project surface For old plastic, use an ammonia-based cleaner on surface
For new plastic, use paint thinner to clean surface
Lightly sand surface if previously painted
Remove dust with a tack cloth
Let plastic surface dry.

Screen Print:
Screen printing or silk-screening on plastic is a highly unique and useful product decorating option for utilizing bold images on flat plastic surfaces, or when a full wrap or two-sided image is required for a cylindrical plastic part. Plastic Container Printers are designed for plastic decorating of round, flat and flat-oval bottles, and offer multi-pass printing of several colors, using UV printing technology. Silk-screening on plastic offers bright, firm and metallic colors that create prominent designs.


Advantages of Silk-Screening on Plastic

There is a wide range of benefits that surround custom screen label printing on plastic. Some of the advantages of silk-screening on plastic include:

Won’t fade, tear, stain, wrinkle or peel off
Steam resistant and waterproof
Clean look, without label edges
Extremely cost-efficient
Easily recyclable
No creative restrictions

Fully Customized Plastic Silk-Screen Process

Plastic decorating printing labels can be added to nearly any material we work with, allowing for complete customization of your parts and components. Our automated silk-screening on plastic machines provide fast and easily repeatable designs, which allows for consistent, perfect prints each time. Our silkscreen printing capabilities allow for resolutions up to 100 LPI. We can print your silk screen labels using a variety of specialized inks and/or chemicals, including custom colors, fluorescent, metallic, conductive, insulated, textured and protective options.

Screen Printing Plastic Options

We have the capabilities to provide custom plastic decorating in a wide range of plastic options, some of which include:

Acetal (Delrin / Celcon)
And more


Is Screen Printing the Correct Option for your Plastic Project Needs?

Our experts have the knowledge and capabilities to work with you in determining if screen printing on plastic is the best option for your project requirement needs. Some of the qualities and needs that could justify the use of screen printing on a plastic part include:
An image needs to be placed on a round plastic object
An image can be printed with multiple passes
A large bold image is required



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Industrial Design Industrial Design

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